About IWRS


Our Society was founded on the spirit of discovery. Five strangers from Jakarta met in a whisky convention in Singapore, their collective passion for whisky led to the creation of Jakarta Whisky Research Society as a beacon to call upon like minded individuals to join us and explore the boundless world of whisky together.

As the society grew and welcomed more members from across the nation, on 18th August 2018 the JWRS changed its name to Indonesia Whisky Research Society and to accept members and chapters from all across the nation.

Our Story

To see the people of Indonesia and beyond be able to make educated, conscious decision when selecting drinks, which in turn helps increase the number of respectable, better curated bars in our beloved city.

Our aim is to research as much whisky as humanly possible and keep the process of learning fun for everyone involved.

Our Mission

To be the definitive guide for whisky and cocktails scene in Indonesia

Get In Touch

Facebook: IWRS
Instagram: whiskyid
Email: andrew@whisky.id